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  • Technique doubles conversion of CO2 to plastic component , 22nd May 2018

    Fossil fuels have long been the precursor to plastic, but new research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and European collaborators could help send that era up in smoke—carbon dioxide, to be exact.

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  • Putting CO2 to a good use

    European Synchrotron Research Facility , 30th Apr 2018

    One of the biggest culprits of climate change is an overabundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As the world tries to find solutions to reverse the problem, scientists from Swansea University have found a way of using CO2 to create ethylene, a key chemical precursor. They have used ID03 to test their hypotheses.

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  • Swansea scientists discover greener way of making plastics

    EurekAlert , 11th Apr 2018

    Researchers at Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University have found a way of converting waste carbon dioxide into a molecule that forms the basis of making plastics.

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  • Swansea University launches new Florence Mockeridge Fellowship Group to help researchers reach their full potential

    Swansea University , 23rd Mar 2018

    Swansea University’s Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor for research, Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott, has today (16 March 2018) announced the launch of the Florence Mockeridge Fellowship Group which aims to enable research staff to fulfil their potential. Please join is in congratulating Dr Enrico Andreoli on his fellowship.

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  • The Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University has received the keys to a new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle from Hyundai UK.

    Swansea University Latest Research , 21st Feb 2018

    The car is a concrete example of the world-leading research taking place at ESRI, which promotes the uptake of hydrogen, Fuel Cell and Zero-Emission technologies. Professor Andrew Barron said: “Our aim is to establish Swansea University’s College of Engineering as a global centre of excellence for this technology.

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