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  • Energy Safety Research Institute establishes Innovation Hub

    Swansea University Press Office , 19th Oct 2018

    The Innovation Hub has been created to implement the manufacture of industrial demonstration level technology within the Swansea/Port Talbot Region, where industry accounts for the highest percentage of carbon emissions, but is also responsible for the social and economic welfare of a significant portion of the population.

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  • Better electrical cables can save energy

    EurekAlert! The Global Source for Science News , 18th Oct 2018

    The Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University has secured a £20,000 Royal Society Research Grant to develop improved copper-carbon nanotube materials to deliver electricity more efficiently and to save energy.

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  • Turning waste plastics into hydrogen ignites media interest

    Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council , 12th Sep 2018

    "EPSRC-funded researchers at Swansea University have attracted media attention following news that they have found a way to turn discarded plastic into hydrogen to fuel cars. The news grabbed headlines in the broadcast media and print press that covered the ground-breaking process."

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  • Plastic waste destroying oceans could be used to fuel cars

    CNET , 6th Sep 2018

    "The world's use of plastic is costing us, and our oceans, a high price. But thanks to scientists at the University of Swansea, there might be one solution to the waste that kills thousands of sea creatures every year."

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  • Distributed Ledger Technology

    POST - Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology , 6th Sep 2018

    Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a type of digital records system that allows multiple identical copies of a ledger to be stored on different computers on a network and updated by multiple different users. This POSTbrief provides a technical overview of the different types of DLT and how they work. It discusses some of the main applications of DLT and highlights the benefits and challenges of the technology.

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