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  • Distributed Ledger Technology

    POST - Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology , 6th Sep 2018

    Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a type of digital records system that allows multiple identical copies of a ledger to be stored on different computers on a network and updated by multiple different users. This POSTbrief provides a technical overview of the different types of DLT and how they work. It discusses some of the main applications of DLT and highlights the benefits and challenges of the technology.

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  • Sunlight converts plastic waste to hydrogen fuel

    The Royal Society of Chemistry , 5th Sep 2018

    "UK scientists have discovered a simple sunlight-driven process to transform plastic waste into hydrogen and other useful chemicals."

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  • Plastic waste could power cars

    The Times of India , 5th Sep 2018

    "Light-absorbing material is added to the plastic before it is placed in an alkaline solution and then exposed to sunlight, which creates hydrogen, said researchers from Swansea University in the UK."

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  • To date, human industrial development has been defined by technology

    Royal Society of Chemistry , 4th Sep 2018

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  • Cars fueled by plastic waste: Scientists develop novel recycling solution

    Packaging Insights , 4th Sep 2018

    "Scientists at Swansea University, UK, may have found a way to minimize the scourge of plastic pollution while feeding the insatiable and global demand for car fuel. Discarded plastic could be used to fuel cars in the future thanks to a ground-breaking process developed by scientists from the University"

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