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  • Scientists advance toward tunable carbon-capture materials

    13th Jul 2015

    Rice University scientists are forging toward tunable carbon-capture materials with a new study that shows how chemical changes affect the abilities of enhanced buckyballs to confine greenhouse gases.

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  • "Green" Superhydrophobic Nanomaterial Inspired by Nature

    AIChE-ChEnected , 15th Feb 2015

    Researchers have developed a hydrocarbon-based superhydrophobic nanomaterial that presents a green alternative to hazardous fluorocarbons generally used to repel water. The new material, which is inexpensive and nontoxic, is the work of researchers at Rice University, the University of Swansea, the University of Bristol, and the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.

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  • ESRI funded by the Higher Education Funded Council

    Some source , 1st Feb 2015

    The combination of research into energy with a focus on safety reflects the university’s research strengths, and the significant position of Wales in the UK energy market.

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  • Centerpiece of University’s research into renewable and alternative energy

    Stride Treglown , 1st Jan 2015

    The building’s orientation, layout and natural ventilation help to achieve passive low energy. It incorporates a micro CHP unit as well as solar PV, rainwater harvesting and full LED lighting.

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  • Buckyballs enhance carbon capture

    Carbon Capture Journal , 15th Dec 2014

    Tests from one to 50 atmospheric pressures shows that PEI-C60 captured a fifth of its weight in carbon dioxide but no measurable amount of methane, and the material does not degrade over many absorption/desorption cycles.

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