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  • Low Carbon Energy: RDF event at Swansea University boosts expert collaboration

    NRN-LCEE News , 25th Feb 2016

    The Low Carbon Energy Symposium was the first event for ESRI and the brand new Bay Campus of Swansea University. It went very well, with great talks, posters, and networking opportunities. We are really pleased with the outcomes, with around sixty attendees, eleven talks, numerous posters, positive feedback and ideas for future collaborations.

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  • Low carbon energy: Swansea event boosts expert collaboration

    Swansea University Latest News , 17th Feb 2016

    New joint ventures in low-carbon energy look set to emerge from a very successful expert symposium, hosted by the Energy Safety Research Institute at Swansea University, which brought together experts in the field from across the UK and overseas.

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  • Low Carbon Energy Symposium

    4th Feb 2016

    Low Carbon Energy Symposium – Building New Bridges for Low Carbon Energy
    Thursday, 4th February 2016 – 9 am to 5 pm

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  • Household Oven Decontaminates Carbon Nanotubes

    Controlled Environments , 25th Jan 2016

    A standard kitchen microwave proved effective as part of a two-step process invented at Rice and Swansea universities to clean carbon nanotubes.

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  • Microwaved nanotubes come up clean

    Technology org , 25th Jan 2016

    Amid all the fancy equipment found in a typical nanomaterials lab, one of the most useful may turn out to be the humble microwave oven.

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