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  • Gearing up for the hydrogen economy

    abc.net/au The Science Show , 1st Oct 2016

    Fossil-based liquid fuels will eventually be replaced. Hydrogen is a strong contender. It can be produced from water, using renewable electricity, then transported replacing petrol or natural gas.

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  • Making space rocket fuel from water could drive a power revolution on Earth

    The Conversation , 27th Sep 2016

    Researchers led by NASA’s former chief technologist are hoping to launch a satellite carrying water as the source of its fuel. The team from Cornell University, guided by Mason Peck, want their device to become the first shoebox-sized “CubeSat” to orbit the moon, while demonstrating the potential of water as a source of spacecraft fuel.

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  • Optimizing carbon capture

    Materials Today , 13th Sep 2016

    A new, improved approach to making porous carbon materials for sequestering the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide has been devised by researchers at Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA. Rice chemist Andrew Barron and his team have found that the conditions in which such materials are synthesized affects their efficacy as carbon capture agents.

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  • Map helps maximize carbon-capture material

    Space Daily , 24th Aug 2016

    A careful balance of the ingredients in carbon-capture materials would maximize the sequestration of greenhouse gases while simplifying the processing

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  • Map helps maximize carbon-capture material

    Technology.org , 23rd Aug 2016

    The lab of Rice chemist Andrew Barron led a project to map how changes in porous carbon materials and the conditions in which they’re synthesized affect carbon capture. They discovered aspects that could save money for industry while improving its products.

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