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  • UVS Videowall Installation at UK Energy Safety Research Institute

    FM Industry | The Facilities Management Hub , 3rd Dec 2018

    Academics working towards a secure global energy future are being helped by videowall technology supplied by Ultimate Visual Solutions (formerly eyevis UK). The Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI), can now run complex Computer-aided design and simulation routines on a videowall using the latest high-tech equipment.

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  • Improving the Materials Properties of Glass - Energy Safety Research Institute at Swansea University links with C-Bond Systems

    Alpha Galileo , 2nd Nov 2018

    The Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University announced a long term collaboration with C-Bond Systems (OTC: CBNT), a nanotechnology company that improves and strengthens brittle materials.
    Swansea and ESRI, a research-led university based in the United Kingdom, are working with the Company to investigate the unique material properties of the C-Bond solution and its impact on the glass industry.

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  • Developing the electric cable of the future that will reduce electrical losses by 10%

    Smart Lighting (Spain) , 23rd Oct 2018

    Currently, a tenth of the electricity generated is lost in the network due to the cables we use. To solve this inefficiency, the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI), of the University of Swansea, has received a grant for the development of improved materials of copper and carbon nanotubes that can deliver electricity in a more efficient way and thus save energy.

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  • Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) establishes new Innovation Hub

    Renewable Energy Magazine , 23rd Oct 2018

    This announcement is in response to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on the urgency of climate change (Monday 8 October) and the UK’s goal to be leaders in the international challenge to remove carbon from emissions.

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  • Energy Safety Research Institute establishes Innovation Hub

    Swansea University Press Office , 19th Oct 2018

    The Innovation Hub has been created to implement the manufacture of industrial demonstration level technology within the Swansea/Port Talbot Region, where industry accounts for the highest percentage of carbon emissions, but is also responsible for the social and economic welfare of a significant portion of the population.

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