King Saud University-Swansea University Collaborative (K(SU)2

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Collaborative research for energy solutions



  • D. R. Jones, V. Gomez, B. Rome, F. Mazzali, J. D. McGettrick, A. R. Lewis, S. Margadonna, W. Al-Masry, and C. W. Dunnill. Active removal of waste dye pollutants using Ta3N5/W18O49 nanocomposite fibres. Sci. Reports., 2017, 7, 4090
  • J. Maguire-Boyle, J. E. Huseman, T. J. Ainscough, D. L. Oatley-Radcliffe, A. A. Alabdulkarem, S. F. Al-Mojil, and A. R. Barron. Superhydrophilic functionalization of microfiltration ceramic membranes enables separation of hydrocarbons from frac and produced water. Submitted for publication.
  • Morphological change on proppant surfaces employing a Ca-Si-Al oxide composite system. C. Correas, K. Wright, A. Al Netaifi, E. Andreoli, B. Sandnes, and A. R. Barron, Submitted for publication.