Greener Swansea

Project Overview

Greener Swansea is a cross faculty research group involving some of Swansea University’s most tenacious and curious students, who are looking to drive forward leading edge research and innovation in renewable energy through sustainable projects.

The latest project is the design and construction of a wind turbine to be situated atop a main campus building. Starting from a blank canvas the team will be engineering the entire turbine, from the turbine blades down to the last nut and bolt, whilst gathering relevant and accurate data throughout the process for challenging debate, academic reflection and real world application.

Once completed, the turbine will be subject to ongoing development, potentially leading to follow-up turbines, thereby facilitating further research and also serving as a teaching tool for students.

Greener Swansea is a commitment to students past, present and future that Swansea University is giving their students the big opportunities they need in industrial application alongside academic excellence.

GS_Project image.jpg CAD drawing of hub components

  GS_building.jpg   GS_3.jpg

                           Wind speed sensor in place                                                                    3-D Printing a turbine


Team Members

Thomas Worthington - Project Manager

Huw Davies - Electrical

Alex Duffield - Blade

Alister Henderson - Chassis

Charlie Passey - Electrical

Adel Mokhtari - Tower & Installation

Nikita Berry - Media Coordinator