Dr Meghdad Fazeli

Senior Lecturer

Person imageDr Meghdad Fazeli
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, Nottingham University, 2011
  • Wind Generation-Energy Storage Control Mechanisms for Autonomous Grids
  • First author in more than 10 papers n published in respected journals including IEEE Transaction on Energy Conversion and IEEE Transaction on Smart Grids
  • Reviewer in different IEEE journals
  • IEEE member

Research Interests

  • Integration of renewable energy units with the grid.
  • Distributed generation and Smart-grids.
  • Demand Side Management.
  • Multi-terminal HVDC.
  • Variable speed drives.
  • Integration and control of Energy Storage mechanism.
  • DC grids and DC homes.


Recent Research Activities

  • Dynamic Droop controlled wind and solar generation units for islanded grids.
  • Increases the captured energy n compared to conventional droop n control.
  • Ongoing stability studies.
  • Local voltage support/control using PV inverters.
  • Particularly useful in weak grids i.e. n rural area.
  • Rating of the inverter must not be n exceeded.
  • Stability must be taken into account
  • Micro-grids operations:
  • Grid connected, islanded and n transition from one to the other.
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