Dr Charles W. Dunnill

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Person imageDr Charles W. Dunnill
  • Ramsay Fellow at UCL 2011-2014
  • Won provost prize at London Entrepreneurship Challenge (2010)
  • Associate Editor for RSC Advances
  • Notable Publications in Nature Materials, Checmical Communications Nanoscale
  • Welsh Crucible 2015

Dr Dunnill’s research is all about Hydrogen

With growing demand for renewable energy there is a growing need to buffer supply and demand as well as unifying the energy landscape. Hydrogen has the potential to be the universal energy vector. Hydrogen produced from renewable sources of energy could be safely; stored, transported and used for “On-demand” applications in a domestic, commercial and transportation setting as well as integrating with the present natural gas infrastructure.

Research Topics

  • Hydrogen as an energy vector.
  • Chartered Chemist and Scientist. 
  • Photocatalysis for solar energy n n harvesting.
  • Proton pumps for Hydrogen n Processing, Detection, n Quantification and Recovery.
  • Hydrogen safety.
  • Sufur Polymers. 
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