Prof Mary H Gagen


Person imageProf Mary H Gagen
  • Core Member, PAGES (Past Global Changes) EuroMed2K. PAGES is a core project of the global sustainability science program Future Earth.
  • Member, Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) Peer Review College.
  • Science Communication: Deputy Director of the Oriel Science gallery Swansea
  • Co-founder of the Swansea University Science for Schools Scheme

Research Topics

  • Climate change, palaeoclimate reconstruction, stable isotope analysis of natural materials.
  • Palaeoclimate reconstruction using stable isotopic analysis of natural archives.
  • Development of the first high-resolution palaeoclimate proxy for past changes in cloudiness.
  • Forced and unforced climate variability as evidenced in palaeoclimate records.
  • Forest Health: decline syndromes in English Oak woodland, in collaboration with Forest Research UK, Woodland Heritage and DEFRA.


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