Dr Alvin Orbaek White

Associate Professor

Person imageDr Alvin Orbaek White
  • Sêr Cymru II Fellowship, 2017
  • UK Digital Economy Crucible, 2017
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Younger Chemist of the Year, 2013, American Chemical Society greater Houston section
  • Editorial Board member, Journal of Carbon Research C

Research Goal

In the UK, electricity transmission alone leads to an 8% loss of the total electricity production for the country, costing £9.5 billion per year and predicted to rise. Dr. Orbaek White’s goal is to develop ultra conductive electricity cables made from carbon nanotubes (CNTs); a material that is hundreds to thousands of times more conductive than copper wires. The vision is to augment the current materials with more efficient conducting materials (CNTs), and investigate ways to route electricity more effectively (smart grid).


Research Interests

  • Synthesis of carbon nanotubes for use as electrical power distribution materials
  • Nanomaterials for energy, biological, and materials applications
  • Remediation of carbon greenhouse gases by use as carbon feedstock for carbon nanotube production
  • Production of high value carbon products to insure a secure global energy future
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