Dr Enrico Andreoli

Associate Professor

Person imageDr Enrico Andreoli
  • Lead of CO2 capture and utilisation research, Swansea University
  • 5+ years industry experience in materials
  • Welsh Crucible 2015 & UK Digital Economy Crucible 2017 alumnus; Florence Mockeridge Fellowship Group graduate
  • Editorial board member of C-Journal of Carbon Research; Advisory board member of Sci; Associate Editor of Nanoenergy Technologies and Materials
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at Rice University & University of Houston

Research Goal


Dr Andreoli’s goal is to accelerate clean economic growth and change the role of carbon dioxide in the current energy and materials landscape. From a residue of fossil fuel combustion and a leading cause of environmental concern, to a primary resource for the production of green chemicals, materials, and fuels. In this future scenario, sustainable materials and readily deployable renewable fuels will be made from carbon dioxide extracted from the air using clean energy such as solar, wind, and waves. 

Research Interests

  • Carbon dioxide capture, utilisation, and storage

  • Carbon dioxide capture from industrial emissions and the air

  • Catalysts for carbon dioxide activation to sustainable chemicals, materials, and fuels 
  • Development of novel green technologies with the integration of traditional fuels



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