“Be tradition” a unique film about CO2 utilisation and energy sustainability



“Be tradition” is the result of a truly multidisciplinary collaborative project between Dr Enrico Andreoli (ESRI) and Michela Cortese (Bangor University) to engage the wider public on the role of carbon dioxide in future energy sustainability.

The novel approach of "Be tradition" is the use of visual narrative for "tradition" and text narrative for "sustainability". The goal is for the viewer to experience a link between tradition (in this case the Italian tradition of cooking) and sustainability (in this case the use of renewable energy and CO2 for making fuels). A truly sustainable energy technology will last in time to become part of our energy tradition.

Dr Enrico Andreoli is a Senior Lecturer at the Energy Safety Research Institute of Swansea University where he leads work on CO2 capture and utilisation. His interest is in sustainability and research, teaching and engagement activities that are relevant to energy and natural resources.

Michela Cortese is an Associate Lecturer in Journalism and Media Studies at Bangor University. She has written a chapter about the use of fictional films for communicating climate change issues, due for publication this September on the Handbook of Climate Change Communication (Springer). "Be tradition" is presented as a case study, and the theoretical work behind the film is discussed in that chapter.


Paolo Simi is a professional photographer and director of photography of the film. 

John Finneganis a Lecturer in Screenwriting at Falmouth University, he supported the editing of the film.