Administration and Management

  • Merrie Barron

    Person image Merrie Barron

    ESRI Portfolio Manager

  • Keith McDonald

    Person image Keith McDonald

    Project Manager, RICE Project

  • Dr Mahaboob Basha

    Person image Dr Mahaboob Basha

    International Development and Research Officer

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  • Ben Riseborough

    Person image Ben Riseborough

    Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, RICE Project

  • Eleri Ware

    Person image Eleri Ware

    Finance Officer, RICE Project

  • Eira Rowe

    Person image Eira Rowe

    Communication Officer, RICE Project

  • Suzanne Neeves

    Person image Suzanne Neeves

    ESRI Executive Assistant

  • Craig Lewis

    Person image Craig Lewis

    Administrator, RICE Project

  • Lucy Final

    Person image Lucy Final

    Administrator, FLEXIS Project