Dr Meghdad Fazeli

Senior Lecturer

Person imageDr Meghdad Fazeli
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, Nottingham University, 2011
  • Co-investigator in two successful bids: Wolfson Foundation Equipment grant and FLEXIS (Flexible Integrated Energy Systems)
  • Member of the National Grid Virtual Synchronous Machine (VSM) expert workgroup
  • Worked on industrial projects with several companies including, Tata Steel, Simyu Technology, Crossflow Energy, and Gaia Renewable
  • Founder/Director of innoverters

Research Interests

  • Integration of renewable energy units with the grid.
  • Distributed generation and Smart-grids.
  • Demand Side Management.
  • Multi-terminal HVDC.
  • Variable speed drives.
  • Integration and control of Energy Storage mechanism.
  • DC grids and DC homes.
  • Virtual Synchronous Machine control algorithms. 
  • Short-term forecast. 


Career History:

  • Joined Swansea University as a Research Assistant in February 2011, after obtaining his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Nottingham University in December 2010. Dr Fazeli's PhD thesis was titled 'Wind Generator-Energy Storage Control Schemes for Autonomous Grids’, and was funded by GE-Alstom Grid Solutions, proposes novel integration and energy management schemes for wind farms with and without energy storage mechanisms. 
  • Dr Fazeli joined Swansea University on an ERDF funded project called SPARC, working on integration of large Photovoltaic systems at distribution level. On SPARC, he developed a fast and accurate maximum power point tracking method and an algorithm to exploit PV inverters to support local voltage.
  • In September 2013, Dr Fazeli was appointed as a lecturer in Electrical Engineering with Swansea University, where he has been developing and teaching modules in the field of power systems and renewable energy. 

  • Co-investigator in two successful bids: Wolfson Foundation Equipment grant (£200k) and ERDF funded project of FLEXIS (Flexible Integrated Energy Systems, £800k). The Wolfson Foundation grant (matched by the college) has been used to equip the recently established Power Electronics, Power Systems research laboratory.

  • Dr Fazeli's research in FLEXIS led to the proposal of a virtual synchronous generator control algorithm to mitigate the lack of inertia in future power systems. Through this research, Dr Fazeli was invited by the National Grid to join the Virtual Synchronous Machine (VSM) expert workgroup. The workgroup, which consists of leading manufacturers and researchers, is tasked to develop the technical specifications for VSMs and perform the cost benefit analysis to identify the best solution. In addition to National Grid, Dr Fazeli has been working at different industrial projects with different companies including: Tata Steel, Simyu Technology, Crossflow Energy, and Gaia Renewable.
  • Founder/Director of innoverters, a company that provides innovative solutions for future power system challenges including: lack of inertia, energy management, and short-term forecast. 
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