Prof Andrew R. Barron

Founder and Director of ESRI Sêr Cymru Chair

Person imageProf Andrew R. Barron
  • Applied Inorganic Chemistry Medal - 2013
  • World Technology Award - 2011
  • Lifetime Achievement Award in Nanotechnology - 2011
  • Prince of Wales Visiting Innovator - 2009
  • Welch Foundation Norman Hackerman Award - 2002

Research Topics

  • Nanotechnology: energy and health applications.
  • Enhanced oil recover: proppant design, sub-surface tracers, water free stimulation.
  • Solar energy: quantum dot cells, AR coatings.
  • Water: non-fouling membranes, produced water treatment, humanitarian water treatment and metal recovery.
  • Electrical transmission: CNT quantum wire, selective growth of CNTs.
  • Energy policy: Shale oil and gas, hydraulic fracturing, water resources, solar technology.

Knowledge transfer activities

  • High strength, light weight spherical proppants.
  • Chemical processes for solar cell manufacture.
  • Mobile filtration units for oil industry.
  • Water treatment and metal removal for humanitarian applications.







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