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  • Swansea Science Festival - Recycling Carbon

    Sat 3rd Nov - Sun 4th Nov, 2018

    The Recycling Carbon outreach group will be participating in the Swansea Science Festival, with the aim of engaging adults and children of all ages.
    “We are an Outreach activity born out of the collaborative research environment in the Energy Safety Research Institute at Swansea University. Our aim is to show everyone how carbon can be recycled and reused in the same fashion as other household waste can be recycled.
    We demonstrate carbon capture and conversion using “Bunchems” as a method of molecular modelling. The idea is that the participants break apart a “molecular model” of carbon dioxide then reform it to generate a combustible fuel, methane. Carbon capture is demonstrated as a “lucky dip” where participants dip into a box for carbon dioxide molecules. We believe that this is an interactive and interesting way of thinking about a cyclic carbon economy and it gives us the chance to talk about our stories of how we came to work in the positions we currently hold at Swansea University.”
    Twitter: @RecyclingCarbon

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  • Swansea Science Festival - The Hydrogen Bike

    Sat 3rd Nov - Sun 4th Nov, 2018

    The Hydrogen Bike will be participating in Swansea Science Festival in the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea.
    The Hydrogen Bike project is an outreach kit designed to Engage, Entertain and above all, Educate the public as to some of the trials and tribulations surrounding the renewable energy concept. This is a really “Hot” topic at the moment with a desire to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy solutions. It is safe, interesting and fully hands on.
    An energy input method such as an exercise bike will be connected to a uniquely built water splitting device. The display will allow a participant to put energy ”In” and observe in real time the formation of their hydrogen and oxygen from the electrolysis process. Once a sufficient quantity of hydrogen has been created and stored in the central part of the storage system, the members of the public have the unique opportunity to actually light their own hydrogen flame using my custom built micro burner. This will give them a stable and safe flame about the size of a normal candle. Under the right conditions, hydrogen will actually burn with a clean carbon neutral, stable flame in a very safe way.
    Twitter: @TheHydrogenBike

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  • International Conference 'EcoBalt 2018' Vilnius, Lithuania

    Thu 25th Oct - Sat 27th Oct, 2018

    Prof. Andrew Barron, Director of ESRI, will be participating in the EcoBalt 2018 conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. Prof. Andrew Barron will give a talk on ‘Flexible Approaches to Water Treatment and Metal Remediation: From a Village to the Oil Patch’.
    The conference will bring forward most recent scientific and technological developments in the field of environmental science, environmental analysis, analytical, green and sustainable chemistry. The conference will be aimed towards environmental problems – air, water, soil contamination assessment and options for its reduction, new, environmentally friendly products, recycling and environmental education.

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  • 1st European Workshop on Metal Phosphonates Chemistry – Materials for Energy Applications and Beyond

    Wed 19th Sep, 2018

    The 1st European Workshop on Metal Phosphonates Chemistry – Materials for Energy Applications and Beyond is a one-day free to attend event that will be hosted at the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University on the 19th of September, 2018. The scope of the Workshop is to bring together for the first time researchers from across Europe working in the field of metal phosphonates to discuss about the latest advancements and future directions and foster new collaborations within the community. The scientific program consists of three keynote lectures and five invited lectures covering a broad range of topics, such as synthesis, advanced methods for characterisation, porous materials, molecular magnetic compounds, energy storage and heterogeneous catalysis (see Speakers section for additional information). In addition, a poster session will give every attendant the opportunity to display their work.

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  • 7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress on Twitter

    Tue 28th Aug - Fri 31st Aug, 2018

    In the final instalment of the fantastic films we're showcasing as part of #EuChemS2018, we hear from @ESRI_Swansea, the Energy Safety Research Institute at Swansea University. Head to our YouTube channel to catch this and all the action from Liverpool

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